Re: summary of tests with fewer than two passing implementations

Hi Chris and all,

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>On Thursday, February 17, 2011, 5:33:06 AM, Alex wrote:
>AD> Hi Cam,
>AD>         No-one's actually asked me to try fixing any of these in our viewer.
>AD> Is the timing aim by the F2F? If so, a few of those are doable I expect.
>I was supposed to ask you to fix specific ones. Sorry. It was mentioned on a call but it looks like I didn't get an explicit action (I use my actions list as a to-do).

No problem, just didn't register on my priority list either.

Anyway, I've fixed our CSS font matching so that the set
from font-desc-02-t, 03-t, 04-t, 05-t all pass now.

So, Opera and GPAC are the 2 implementations that do the partial
passes on font-desc-04-t and 05-t. So one of those implementers
may want to fix their versions to get the 2 passes on those done.


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