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On Friday, March 19, 2010, 4:19:41 PM, Erik wrote:

ED> Hello,

ED> I'm wondering what to do with the RTL testcases in SVG1.1F2, which are
ED> affected by the clarified wording for RTL text alignment in SVGT1.2.

ED> This affects this test:


ED> which has a counterpart in the SVGT1.2 testsuite:


ED> For reference, see definitions of 'text-anchor' in SVG1.1[1] and  
ED> SVGT1.2[2], and the sections on bidi handling[3][4]. FWIW I think 1.2T
ED> conveys the intent of the SVG 1.1 spec, so I think backporting the changes
ED> made for the RTL text tests in the 1.2T testsuite to the SVG1.1F2  
ED> testsuite would be reasonable.

This relates to ACTION-2921: Bring the 1.2 changes for bidi and text anchor back to the 1.1 spec

I backported the two sections you referenced, removing a couple of spans that were marked up as svg tiny 1.2 specific ("svg tiny 1.2 does not have vertical text" for example) and uncommenting some svg 1.1-specific sections which had thoughtfully been preserved in 1.2T.

I also added the two examples, regenerating the png images from Opera screenshots, and ported over the referenced definition of text content block element. I'm not sure if the edit directive there will work (I left, commented out, the svgt1.2 list of applicable elements. For 1.1SE the edit directive should resolve to text and textPath, I think).

It would be helpful to have someone who reads Arabic and Hebrew to check that the generated images for the examples are correct. If they aren't, Opera 11/Win has a bug :)

ED> Cheers
ED> /Erik

ED> [1]  
ED> [2]
ED> [3]  
ED> [4]  

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