Re: using WOFF versions of FreeSans in addition to SVGFreeSans

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 4:45:23 AM, Cameron wrote:

CM> Would anyone object if I added a WOFF fallback for SVGFreeSans (and all
CM> its variations) to the test suite?  This can let browsers that support
CM> WOFF but not SVG Fonts, like Firefox, get rendering that is more
CM> consistent with the test slide. 

Sure, as long as its added as an alternate and not a replacement.

As this starts off as an Open Type font not an SVG font, it can be easily made with sfnt2woff and also include the relevant license text.

I can do that, I can also explain how to do it if you would rather, Cam.

CM>  It also helps to avoid any problems in
CM> the fallback system fonts.  For example, in text-tspan-02-b, we run into
CM> a bug in Helvetica on Mac, which causes ligatures not to be disabled
CM> properly, resulting in the “fi” in “specified” not rendering.[1]
CM> Specifying a WOFF version of SVGFreeSans would help us pass this test,
CM> which isn’t intending to test anything about ligatures anyway.

I think you mean that you would continue to pass this test but it would avoid a reviewer incorrectly thinking they failed. But, yes.

CM> Actually, I don’t mind whether we do this or not, but feedback on
CM> whether this would be a good/bad idea is appreciated.

CM> [1]

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