RE: Full 1.1 Test Suite Status Updated

I have committed the following updates to the test suite based upon feedback. Thanks Cameron!

pservers-grad-23-f - Changed stop-color to inherit based upon feedback.

struct-cond-overview-05-f - Added sub-test for a  check that a <use> element referencing a child element (without a conditional attribute) of some element that does have a failing conditional attribute is rendered.  	
struct-dom-16-f - Added sub-test for createSVGTransform() to also check that the .matrix and .angle properties are appropriately initialized

text-fonts-05-f - Fixed link to Fonts

types-dom-svgfittoviewbox-01-f - Added sub-test for the meetOrSlice property of the SVGPreserveAspectRatio object.

Please review for completeness and see if we can get these updated.  We are hopeful that we can begin to run conformance soon.

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Here is our updated analysis of this test suite.  We appreciate everyone's effort thus far.  I've also included Cameron's specific outstanding questions at the end (Thanks Cameron for following up).  Let's see if we can polish these lasts ones up and get to a final test suite soon.

Still includes SVG fonts and SMIL. An animate version was created; but this still includes SVGFonts which is not germane to the test : Request, remove SVG Font or replace with WOFF; remove SMIL 

Still includes SVG fonts which is not germane to the test : Request, remove SVG Font or replace with WOFF (perhaps Chris is just still updating, or perhaps I missed a few from before)

Reference image still seems explicitly wrong; in addition to these, the version number does not yet match in others which I think is an open issue struct-image-13-f.svg struct-image-14-f.svg struct-image-15-f.svg text-align-07-t.svg

I believe that no browser passes the test below.  I think part of that is due to the poor definition of :active (we don't pass it right now for focus).  We should consider dropping this test, or at least removing the :active.

These should be using WOFF, not OpenType, and the font doesn't exist text-fonts-202-t.svg text-fonts-203-t.svg

>From Cameron:
Updates for the following will be checked in by EOW (or earlier) pservers-grad-23-f.svg struct-dom-16-f.svg types-dom-svgfittoviewbox-01-f.svg

Requested additional subtests ,but we don't think the requests on this should be subtests but rather additional tests if needed pservers-pattern-06-f.svg () painting-marker-properties-01-f.svg 

We are not clear on the final outcome of the thread ( on this topic.  Are there any actionably items?


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Subject: Full 1.1 Test Suite Status Updated

Hi WG,

As per the telephone conference discussion this morning [1], I've updated the test suite status report for all the tests as they are currently in the Full 1.1 Test Suite.

The updated status report is now committed.


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