Re: Browsers and ECMAscript editions

On Monday, July 12, 2010, 4:19:06 PM, Chris wrote:

CL> Hello,

CL> Mohamed has asked us to link to ECMAScript 5th Edition of
CL> December 2009. We aren't sure what edition is actually implemented
CL> in browsers, and other SVG implementors.

CL> Comments by implementors would help here.

Mozilla  seems to be proceeding with ECMAScript 5th edition (1.5)

Webkit also

Opera has partial support and 'will support it once finalized'

Its not clear whether Mozilla Rhino
and thus other engines which use Rhino, such as Batik
are on ECMAScript 5.

A bugzilla bug indicates that it is requested, and may be underway

CL> ISSUE-2344 

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