Summary of my comments

Hi all,

Following a discussion with Doug, please find a summary of my comments and of how we can deal with them efficiently.
I've tried to categorize them according to the following classification:
 SIMPLE EDITING : fixing specific typos, checking/rephrasing specific sentences ...
 MEDIUM EDITING : rewriting of a whole paragraph (larger than a sentence but not changing the whole spec)
 GLOBAL EDITING : editing that needs to be done on the whole spec
 SIMPLE DISCUSSION : things for which I don't have an answer and need clarifications. The discussion is probably simple
 DISCUSSION : longer discussion I think

Following this email, I will send separate emails either proposing precise edits for editing and also email for those comments that need discussion so that you can have a better idea on the problem. 

SIMPLE EDITING		ISSUE-2125 General Typos 	
GLOBAL EDITING		ISSUE-2126 consistent use of lacuna value 	
SIMPLE DISCUSSION	ISSUE-2127 CR exit criteria 	
SIMPLE EDITING		ISSUE-2128 Introduction should mention audio playback 	
SIMPLE DISCUSSION     	ISSUE-2129 Definition section is too long and needs clarifications (bbox, canvas, etc.) 	
SIMPLE EDITING  	ISSUE-2130 Basic Data Types section needs clarifications 	
SIMPLE EDITING		ISSUE-2131 Syntax for baseProfile is ambiguous 	
GLOBAL EDITING		ISSUE-2132 Attribute definitions are confusing 	
SIMPLE EDITING		ISSUE-2133 title/desc typo 	
DISCUSSION		ISSUE-2134 Ambiguities in the 'use' element 	
SIMPLE EDITING  	ISSUE-2135 Ambiguities in the 'image' element 	
SIMPLE DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2136 Add explanation for children of container elements with false conditional attributes
SIMPLE DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2137 Add clarification about begin time for canvas negotiation 	
SIMPLE DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2138 Error processing differences in SVG and HTML 	
DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2139 Add note regarding eRR attribute and prefetch element 	
SIMPLE EDITING  	ISSUE-2140 Ambiguities in mediaSize 	
SIMPLE EDITING  	ISSUE-2141 prefetch encoding: UTF-8/UTF-16 	
SIMPLE EDITING  	ISSUE-2142 Use of metadata attributes unclear 	
DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2143 Clarify clipping and overflow 	
SIMPLE DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2144 'buffered-rendering' property vs 'static' 	
DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2145 Clarify media timeline and document timeline 	
DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2146 Contradictions in event dispatching 	
MEDIUM EDITING  	ISSUE-2147 Section on externally referenced documents confusing 	
SIMPLE DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2148 Clarify script outside rootmost svg element 	
SIMPLE DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2149 Paced interpolation of polygons 	
SIMPLE DISCUSSION      	ISSUE-2150 Clarify 'required' attribute 	
SIMPLE EDITING  	ISSUE-2151 Add feature strings for metadata attributes

Cyril Concolato
Maître de Conférences/Associate Professor
Groupe Mutimedia/Multimedia Group
Département Traitement du Signal et Images
/Dept. Signal and Image Processing
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications
46 rue Barrault
75 013 Paris, France 

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