Scope chain modification for <handler>s

Hello WG.

At one point Erik had ACTION-2174 to review the function/scope chain
requirements for <handler> elements, and in the end decided to leave it
as it is.

I was just doing some brief testing for the scope chain part of it, and
it seems neither Opera nor Bitflash add the event target to the scope
chain.  I tested with —
click on the rectangle.  If the target were inserted into the scope
chain, then the bare variable lookup getBBox would have returned a
function value (it’d find a property named "getBBox" on the SVGElement
object for the <rect>) and alerted it.  But since it isn’t in the scope
chain, a ReferenceError happens.

So I suggest that the mention of the scope chain modification be
removed.  We already have removed that test from the test suite.  My
suggested text for the evt/event ISSUE-2055 sent to www-svg doesn’t
include it.



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 02:08:27 UTC