Re: Rename Timer?

If there are no external dependencies on Timer, I'd favor removing it from the spec, especially given that the Window object already provides timer functionality, and that it's also possible to produce customized timers using the animation elements.


On Tue, 02 Sep 2008 00:45:51 +0200, Anthony Grasso <> wrote:

> Dude,
> Considering there is no external dependency on this, I think it will
> fine to go ahead with the change.
> Cheers,
> Anthony
> Cameron McCormack wrote:
>> Cameron McCormack via cvs-syncmail:
>>> Log Message:
>>> Rename global::Timer to svg::Timer.
>>> (Part of ACTION-2179)
>> Now that Timer has moved from the soon to be extinct ‘global’ module to
>> the ‘svg’ module, I think it should be renamed SVGTimer.  As mentioned
>> during the F2F, JSR 287 doesn’t have a dependency on the name since they
>> don’t include Timer.  This wouldn’t change the syntax needed to create a
>> timer (which still would be createTimer(…)), but would just make the
>> naming more consistent.
>> Thanks,
>> Cameron

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