Re: SVG IG Conf Call May 19th

Hi Jeff,

So are we free to discuss some SVG Open topics as well at this telcon 
(your text below suggests, yes).

Current open issues regarding SVG Open:

Legal Entity:
Rich Williams (my father in law) is looking into founding a non-profit

Finishing banners and posters. Maybe we can do this tomorrow, already?

Conference prices:
here is my suggestion: - we 
can probably sort this one out by email tomorrow.

Keynotes: we should have at least a third keynote speaker. Looking at 
the provided abstracts - do you see proposals that would be interesting 
enough for keynotes?


Besides the conference, there was the proposal from Daniel Savarese, 
regarding the Mozilla or Webkit plugin for IE. I think that this is an 
important topic. Should we discuss this on the next Tuesday or should we 
postpone to a later telcon? We should have Daniel on the call, and 
perhaps Jonathan Watt and if possible, Eric Seidel or someone from Webkit.

Just my two cents,

Jeff Schiller wrote:
> We haven't had a conference call in awhile, busy with all sorts of
> activities.  I'd like to propose having a SVG Interest Group
> conference call Tuesday, May 19th at 1 PM Eastern (17:00 UTC+0)
> - 13:00 PM to 14:00 Eastern (check the wiki for your local time:
> )
> - phone bridge number is +1.617.761.6200,  conference 78444 ("SVGIG")
> - we will be meeting concurrently in a chat room, on channel
> #svgig (irc://, port 6665)
> - for those of you without easy access to IRC, W3C provides an IRC
> gateway accessible via the browser at
> I have no fixed agenda for this call - it is mostly any new
> introductions and to catch-up on activities such as planning SVG Open
> and the PlanetSVG website.  If you have a specific topic you would
> like to bring up, please respond to the mailing list.
> Regards,
> Jeff

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