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thoughts on a community website as part of a SVG 'marketing' strategy

From: Ruud Steltenpool <svg@steltenpower.com>
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2008 15:10:45 +0000
Message-ID: <48C3DC1C.8010203@steltenpower.com>
To: public-svg-ig@w3.org

thoughts on a community website as part of a SVG 'marketing' strategy:

Make it look REALLY good.
clean page (minimize secondary stuff like when something was posted etc.)
readable and scannable (you only really read a very small bit of things 
you look at on-line)
good fonts, SVG images (push for that, less text-only please)!!, 
(YouTube)videos, etc.

(when is svgopen, LUG meetings, presentations, planned releases, MoMo, 
which are the self-hosted blogs (with SVG capability) plus SVG tagged 
bits from selected blogs around the blogosphere (maybe using something 
like Yahoo Pipes?) (just blending several remote feeds together into a 
planet gives the disadvantage of not much actual SVG content as the main 
blog systems don't allow SVG (easily).)
any new "SVG"
a general blogsearch on SVG (Google?), so also includes miss SVG, spam, 
chinese, SVG haters/trolls and stuff that is just not interesting). With 
an easy mechanism to take stuff 'up' to News/blogs.
any new .SVG
A general websearch on actual .svg files on-line (show 'thumbnails')
With an easy mechanism to let stuff stick for a while.

"Tools" for on-line things like specifications, validators, 
browsershots.org, etc. ,
"Wiki" with latest changes on top,
"Search+" having general search, code search, etc,
"list" blending in with commenting, also with newsreader and foruminterface
"chat": a web-interface to IRC

"games (with highscores)",
"mobiles (annoying stuff kids like(fun, catchy, and/or annoying things 
(kids spend quite some money on showing off ringtones and screensavers. 
kids often are sysadmin for family, neighbors, teachers, etc. and could 
install SVG viewers.))",
"eye-candy" (wallpapers, animations, icons, screensavers, etc),

thinking about how to maybe combine it with my 
"SVG-is-used-in-a-very-broad-spectrum list of links ( svg.startpagina.nl )
as little as possible behind a password
A resources section with tested tools and user comments on these tools 
would be nice, so also a newbie can work faster with these tools....

comments on an article are an automatic thread in the list/forum

Please no need for difficult (to non-geeks) syntaxes like for example wiki
a engadget-like page, shows what new hardware is out that has used SVG 
in it somewhere.
automated testing on submitted content (validator, browser 
compatibility, browsershots.org, etc.)(statistics are kept in order for 
viewer builders to see what people use/want, and for users/developers to 
see what viewers to use/target.)

use Drupal (it's used for many beautiful websites, has some interesting 
semantic features and flexibility and has loads of developers and modules)

SVGtemplateFactory: eating your own dogfood gives respect. all 
presentations about SVG should be made in SVG themselves

expert workflow and screenshots, what do they use, how do they do it?
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