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Minutes: SVG IG Telcon, Thursday, July 17

From: Doug Schepers <schepers@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 17:54:11 -0400
Message-ID: <487FBF83.3020803@w3.org>
To: SVG IG <public-svg-ig@w3.org>

Hi, SVG Fan Club!

The minutes of the SVG IG telcon for Thursday, July 17, can be found here:


or as text below:


       [1] http://www.w3.org/

                                - DRAFT -


17 Jul 2008



    See also: [3]IRC log

       [3] http://www.w3.org/2008/07/17-svgig-irc


           Don_Doherty, +1.425.865.aaaa, BenoitB, +1.734.272.aabb,
           Shepazu, ChrisL, +0321632aacc, +1.724.992.aadd, Christophe,

           jeff schiller



      * [4]Topics
          1. [5]SVG Book
          2. [6]SVG Community Site
          3. [7]SVG Open
          4. [8]Telcon planning
      * [9]Summary of Action Items

    <DavePorter> Hi Doug, is that you out there (shepazu)? Mighty early
    for the meeting but that's cool.

    <ChrisL> Hi Dave. Shepazu is indeed Doug.

    <DavePorter> I'm a IRC greenhorn so I don't know the typical
    operating behavior, computer or human, in using this mode of

    <ChrisL> no problem. you type stuff, other people on the channel see

    <DavePorter> Yes, no rocket science at all.

    <ChrisL> its handy for pasting URIs etc sather than reading them
    aloud on a phone call

    <ChrisL> also there are two bots on this channel

    <ChrisL> one, zakim, is an interface to our phone system (also
    called Zakim)

    <ChrisL> the other, rrsagent, is for logging. it allows minutes to
    be made automatically

    <DavePorter> Well maybe it IS rocket science. Thanks Chris.

    <ChrisL> there are a few bits of - well, not rocket science but
    special commands, especially to the bots to get them to do things.
    But you will pick those up as you need them

    <ChrisL> I just corrected a typo i made, by using the command

    <ChrisL> Now I asked rrsagent for a pointer to the log it is making

    <ChrisL> and there, i set the access rights so the logs are public.
    which they should be on this channel by default, but just to be sure

    <DavePorter> 425 is Bellevue, WA, USA


      [10] http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/IG/wiki/Main_Page

    <ddailey> I think i am here

    <codedread> you are

    <DavePorter> There sure is a lot of "crosstalk" on the audio, if
    there is any way to mute your microphone when not talking, that
    would be appreciated.

    <scribe> scribenick: shepazu

    Donald_Doherty: been with w3c for 3 years (Brainstage)
    ... health care industry
    ... we have an SVG application
    ... in pittsburgh, pa

    Bruce_: I'm in Denver, buildiing SVG Apps for years

    Christophe: I work at Catholic University in Leuven in Belgium,
    interested in Web Accessibility
    ... wrote report on accessibility issues in SVG

SVG Book

    ddailey: professor of computer science at slippery rock, worked with
    SVG for 5 years
    ... background in graph theory
    ... wrote a book on SVG, started 3 years ago
    ... brought to Prentice Hall
    ... they sat on it for a year, but were worried about the cost due
    to color graphics
    ... wanted to refocus it on mobile, and publish electronically
    ... good reviews otherwise
    ... thought W3C might be a better venue, not worried about the money

    ChrisL: excellent...
    ... yes, color is hard for printers
    ... not sure you'd get publication credit from an electronic version
    ... this is great for people new to the subject
    ... publisher interest seems to have cooled



    <ed_work> that's really nice, david++ :)

    <Donald_Doherty> Great work David! Yes. Publish!!

    <Bruce_> I think publishing this would be a great idea

    shepazu: we have an opportunity to publish this at W3C, legal is
    drawing up a copyright assignment

    would this group agree to the publication?

    <ChrisL> adding links to examples would be helpful

    ddailey: we could make the examples live, since it will be a web

    Rob_Russell: making it live means maintenence

    DavePorter: this looks terrific, but I have mild reservation about
    highlighting only one of many publications and resources

    Resolution: pending approval by everyone on the SVG IG list, we will
    publish this book as a W3C note

SVG Community Site

    <Bruce_> What about reusing your examples David? (copyright,

    shepazu: this is only one of many resources, and we can link to all
    of them
    ... on either the SVG IG page, or the SVG community site

    Bruce_: what about reuse of the examples?

    ddailey: up to w3c license

    shepazu: that's a good use case, and I'll press that with Legal

    codedread: we'd like to build upon the community sites and svg sites
    out there
    ... Rob_Russell is working on a drupal installation

    shepazu: svg.org is owned by someone else
    ... rather not use that domain name

    codedread: please let Rob_Russell or myself know if you want to help

    DS describes the basic layout of SVG.org

    Rob_Russell: I think Drupal can do all of that, with module

    <DavePorter> As long as a proposed SVG community site comes up high
    in the response off a Google search, doesn't really matter much what
    domain it is or what it's called. IMO. Also, would be cool to have a
    more graphical-oriented interface, if that's not too risky to

    shepazu: samples, howtos, etc.

    <codedread> web software should have elements of: blog, article
    publishing, wiki, possibility of mailing list

    Rob_Russell: having it live svg has some costs, where IE doesn't
    render SVG
    ... so we should have some fallback

    <DavePorter> Have you seen w3schools.com, the code-exampleapproach
    where you've got a "source window" paired with a "result window" and
    you can get in there and edit the source, click "try it" or
    something and the result window changes.

    codedread: we need to let non-SVG browser users see some of the

    <DavePorter> That's a very cool open ended approach to demonstrating
    code examples.

    Rob_Russell: header images and such for tutorials should have png

    <Bruce_> Isn't this what Wikipedia is doing? SVG if available, PNG
    as fallback

    Rob_Russell: having progressive enhancement over time is best

    <ed_work> wikipedia shows pngs in pages but allow you to get the
    source svg if you want

    <DavePorter> Example:


    <ddailey> It might also be fun to have "portal" or something of the
    sort into which people can go easily to see cool examples running
    SMIL and filters and so forth

SVG Open

    <Bruce_> I will attending and presenting

    <ddailey> I am going

    <ChrisL> i will

    shepazu: we will have an informal dinner meeting of the SVG IG one
    night there

    <Donald_Doherty> Should be at least once every two weeks.

Telcon planning

    <ChrisL> suggest weekly or biweekly

    <DavePorter> I like every two weeks

    <codedread> every two weeks is fine

    <DavePorter> No problem with this time (8:00 a.m. pacific)

    <DavePorter> Thank you, very good meeting!

    Resolution: meet every 2 weeks at this time

Summary of Action Items

    [End of minutes]
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