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The SVG accessibility effort does not want to piece part chunks of host language elements in the middle of an SVG document which needs to stand alone. Not all SVG documents are embedded in HTML. So, sticking an HTML figure element inside of an SVG document is a non-starter. 

1. you should be copying the public-svg-a11y list which is public and it is where this work is occurring. It is on cc now. 
2. We are creating a taxonomy for what is needed for graphics. A need by webcomponents is to create
3. Part of ARIA 1.1 is to create standard native host language semantics that are equivalent to HTML features. Steve specifically asked for the figure role. This also allows HTML AAM to reference a standard ARIA mapping
4. In SVG you don’t want a figure caption (in HTML) embedded in an SVG figure - it is likely to look dreadful. We can address this with an aria-labelledby to SVG text. 


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> I'm trying to find a background information about figure role, where it comes from and what is its use case. I was able to find couple email threads on svg-a11y [1] and aria [2] mail lists, but they don't give much info. Rich said that the figure role comes from SVG needs:
> We need this for SVG Accessibility as we need a mechanism to isolate
> figures that could be pulled into a list of figures by assistive
> technologies.
> Since ARIA role='figure' replicates HTML figure element, which doesn't have UI and is basically a pure semantic element, then I'm curious whether this element can be reused in SVG world. 
> What is criteria for introduction of a new role/feature in ARIA that copies semantics of a HTML element?
> Thanks.
> Alex.
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