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Action-1708, Action-1709: Proposal for a Figure Role

From: Richard Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2015 21:20:19 -0500
To: "WAI Protocols & Formats" <public-pfwg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <OFA8F533A5.3B9E4F0E-ON86257ED7.000C8FB2-86257ED7.000CD8F5@us.ibm.com>

I reviewed this with with Steve Faulkner. It may require some wordsmithing
but we are good to go. Steve is also ok with not having a caption role.

           A perceivable section of content which supports the main
      document, and should be easily perceivable regardless of its position
      in the layout that can contain a graphical document, an image or
      other content such as code snippets or example text.

      Authors SHOULD provide a reference to the figure from the main text,
      but the figure need not be displayed at the same location as the
      referencing element."

      A figure MAY have an associated description representing a caption
      and may have an associated label.

      Assistive technologies SHOULD enable users to quickly navigate to
      figures. Mainstream user agents MAY enable users to quickly navigate
      to figures.

      Is abstract: 			False
      Superclass Role:	 	section
      Subclass Roles:
      Inherited States and Properties: (inherits from section)
      Name From: 			author
      Accessible Name Required: 	False

Rich Schwerdtfeger
Received on Wednesday, 7 October 2015 02:20:57 UTC

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