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Hey all.

On 03/07/2016 01:17 PM, Joseph Scheuhammer wrote:

> No, as far as I can tell.  Using Safari 9.0.3, and the Mac 
> Accessibility
> Inspector, for your description example, AXHelp is "the end".

On a related note, what you have in the current/shipping Safari is no
longer current as of Saturday. The work I've been doing to implement the
missing/different-from-core SVG accessibility mappings has landed. [0]
And there was much rejoicing.

For the specific cases under discussion in this thread, there happens to
be no change between shipping and master. For many cases, however, there
will be. As a result, verifying the mappings should be done with a
nightly build.

On a related note, the bulk (~200) of Fred's test cases were included as
automated Layout Tests. Actual results of the mappings can be obtained
in mere seconds. I still need to re-review all the assertions, but as
far as I am aware, there is only one failure I need to fix (test 27 of
the roles tests). Of course, as consensus is reached on some of the
issues being discussed, we can update WebKit accordingly. (BTW, the
"golden hammer" has already been included, with an easy-to-find comment
should the group change their mind.)

Second-to-lastly, the official results for the two test cases in 


Name test [1]

   <circle id="test22" aria-labelledby="22a 22b" cx="50" cy="100" r="15" 
data-expected="name: big end"/>
   <text id="22a" x="40" y="90" aria-label="big">the</text>
   <text id="22b" x="140" y="90" aria-labelledby="3c">end</text>
   <text id="22c" x="180" y="90">finish</text>

Mac Results [2]:
     Expected name: big end
     AXDescription: big end

Linux results [3]:
     Expected name: big end
     AXTitle: big end

Description test [4]

   <circle id="test21" aria-describedby="t21a t21b" cx="50" cy="100" 
r="15" data-expected="description: the end"/>
   <text id="t21a" x="40" y="90">the</text>
   <text id="t21b" x="140" y="90" aria-describedby="t2c">end</text>
   <text id="t21c" x="180" y="90">finish</text>

Mac results [5]:
     Expected description: the end
     AXHelp: the end

Linux results [6]:
     Expected description: the end
     AXDescription: the end


Lastly, any objections if I make a new page on the SVG A11y wiki
containing all the assertions in the format above (i.e. markup, with
tests being numbered, and including the actual results for the two
platforms)? I find it difficult to visually process the assertions as
currently written, let alone keep my/webkit's tests in alignment with



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