Re: name and description calculation - is there a mismatch between the document and what Apple implements?

Hey Fred.

Point of clarification:

On 04/07/2016 10:50 AM, Fred Esch wrote:

> We decided yesterday, that SVG elements with a title or desc and role
> none/presentation - should be *included* in the accessibility tree. And
> a SVG element with a title/desc and role none/presentation would be an
> author error and would fail validation. Link to resolution.
> <>

The resolution states:

    Where an element has role=none or role=presentation and has a
    descendent title or desc element, user agents must ignore the role.

Descendant is not the same as "child." And the language for inclusion
found at
specifically states "child." Is the language in the resolution accurate,
or is it limited to immediate children?


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