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Hey Fred, all.

Some clarifications regarding this item:

On 03/30/2016 03:43 PM, Fred Esch wrote:

> *Difference between testable statements in wiki and spec*
> Webkit doesn't follow the spec for name - the spec has requirements for
> exposing labelledby, webkit doesn't bother - neither linux (Joanie) or
> apple see a current need for exposing labelledby

Joanie doesn't see any point to exposing a pointer via AXTitleUIElement
in the case of OS X if Apple doesn't see the need, VoiceOver doesn't do
the wrong thing without this pointer, etc. It's Apple's platform; not
Joanie's. And Joanie respects that. :) And the labelledby value IS
exposed through the computed name (aka AXDescription).

Joanie DOES think the pointer should be exposed in Linux. This exposure
is in addition to exposure through the computed name.

Furthermore, the pointer *is already being exposed* for SVG elements
with aria-labelledby. Joanie fixed that bug (along with some parallel
issues) upstream a couple of weeks ago:

For those of you who like layout tests (who doesn't love layout tests?):
If you look at,
you'll notice a bunch of "AXTitleUIElement: non-null" lines (In the case
of Linux, "AXTitleUIElement" is layout-test speak for "the object
referenced by ATK_RELATION_LABELLED_BY". Thus that file documents the
fact that WebKit DOES bother for Linux.)

Sorry for any confusion or lack of clarity on this matter in my previous
communications. And please let me know if anything remains unclear.


> Rich filed a bug on my request and if we agree labelledby doesn't need
> to be expose we need to remove the bug
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