Re: Test reports and interop (was Re: We've moved on from proposing the "Solid" WG (PUMPKIN WG))

On 2024-03-25 13:38, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
> I would like to see coverage reports, what parts of the spec are covered and
> what are not covered, I would like to see linked a full test report where each
> test is explained for every server. That would be actually transparent.
> And I note that we did have this more or less implemented for the protocol
> spec. Coverage wasn't great, and things were so much in flux back then that it
> was too early to publish full reports, but the functionality was more or less
> there.

Indeed! is WIP. Still eating our own cooking 
because anything less would be uncivilised.

Who needs referees when you have a screencast (20 seconds, 4.5MB):

showing specification requirements, test coverage, version diff, and 
change log based on:

* (for the 
purpose of this demo).

And a graph view for fun and profit.


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