Re: Solid CG Chair Election 2023: Chair Self-Nominations

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> Hi all,
> I am Virginia Balseiro (she/her). My WebID:
> .
> I am an independent contributor in the Solid CG, and this is my
> self-nomination statement for the Solid CG chair election.
> I am a web developer, former teacher, and ethical vegan.
> I have been actively participating in the Solid CG and the wider Solid
> community since 2020.
> My motivation to becoming one of the co-chairs is rooted in a deep
> commitment to fostering a healthy and collaborative work environment within
> the Solid CG. As chair, I will continue to advocate for initiatives that
> improve diversity and inclusion, and facilitate effective communication and
> collaboration among members.
> As part of my efforts, I will focus on making sure the group's agenda
> reflects our priorities, while continuing to promote accountability, and
> emphasizing the importance of transparency, in order to enable group
> members to be productive and effective.
> I recognize the delicate balance required in navigating conflicts of
> interest, and I am committed to upholding the principles of fairness,
> transparency, and accountability. I understand that the role of a chair is
> a service to the CG, and not that of a power or control. I trust the
> collective expertise of the participants and have no stake in a particular
> solution. My priority is to enable my colleagues to do their best work in a
> positive and collaborative environment, as well as fostering a sense of
> collective ownership over decision-making processes.
> Below I summarize some of my existing contributions to the Solid CG and
> the Solid community at large, which should help illustrate my commitment to
> the community and the CG.
> I am a co-editor of the Solid WebID Profile [1] specification, and I
> contribute to the Solid CG weekly meetings in various tasks, such as
> scribing and moderating. I have developed a strong familiarity with the
> Solid CG charter, and Group's processes.
> I have contributed to the development of the Solid CG charter [2][3]
> through reviews and CG meetings.
> I have contributed to re-writing the Solid CoC to be aligned with the
> battle tested Contributor Covenant, making the necessary adaptations to fit
> our comunity's unique needs.
> I have been contributing to these chair elections as a volunteer. I have
> written the original election code that uses the node-w3capi [4], and have
> worked on the the election procedure with the other volunteers.
> A well-functioning group relies on solid data instead of rhetoric or
> perceptions. To that end, I've taken the initiative to build the
> foundations for the Solid Ecosystem Monitor [5] which processes CG's
> minutes, and outputs data with diagrams, which is used by the CG and aids
> us in making data-driven decisions.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> As a Solid developer, I understand the intricacies and complexities that a
> newcomer might face when learning the technology. My involvement extends
> beyond personal projects, and I actively contribute to the developer
> community by assisting them in Solid chats [6].
> Additionally, I have undertaken the task of creating a Solid tutorial [7],
> aiming to provide a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to delve
> into development of Solid applications.
> Furthermore, I have channeled my experiences into creating an informative
> article [8] aiming to help individuals increase the quality and impact of
> their feedback of others' work, with the aim of promoting better
> communication and promote positive collaboration.
> [6]
> [7]
> [8]
> I have founded, organized, and moderated three developer communities
> (Junior Devs, Women of Solid, and Hamburg Tech Meetup), one of which had
> over 600 members [9], hosting meetups both in person and online, among
> other activities, such as collaborative open source projects.
> [9]
> I participate in the W3C Positive Work Environment CG [10], from which I
> have incorporated valuable lessons that I have integrated into my
> contributions to the Solid CG, such as training in running effective
> meetings, and guidelines.
> I am a member of the Solid Code of Conduct Committee [11] since its
> inception in 2022.
> [10]
> [11]
> To help promoted diversity and inclusion of voices from different
> backgrounds, I have founded the Women of Solid [12] group in 2021. It has
> 36 members, and some of its activities include meetups, featuring
> presentations on various topics around Solid.
> [12]
> I have contributed to the first Solid Community Survey [13] by writing the
> code for the data visualizations, as part of my activities as a member of
> the Diversity and Inclusion Team (DEIT).
> [13]
> I am a member of the Solid Team [14], and gave taken on various roles in
> meetings, including moderator and scribe in both the Solid CG and Solid
> Team meetings.
> I have played a part in developing a collaborative work environment by
> aiding colleagues in resolving disputes.
> I have taken charge of creating agenda, prioritizing topics, and following
> up on issues. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of promoting
> accountability and transparency within the team, striving to enhance the
> overall effectiveness and efficiency of our collective efforts.
> [14]
> I am looking forward to the possibility to continue to serve the CG as one
> of the chairs, and hope that you'll vote for me favourably.
> Virginia Balseiro (she/her)

Thank you to all five volunteers for stepping forward. Your willingness to
contribute is greatly valued. As we move forward, I'd like to encourage us
to actively embrace diversity and inclusion in our group's dynamics. This
is not only about meeting a requirement but about enriching our community
with a range of perspectives and experiences.

1. To ensure everyone feels welcomed and represented, let's consider ways
to include people of different backgrounds, abilities, and language
proficiencies. For instance, creating a fourth role, such as a 'vice
chair,' that could provide opportunities for more members, such as
Matthias, to contribute meaningfully. This role could involve assisting
with teleconferences, leading calls, and managing action items under a
mentorship approach, in both native and foreign language. The goal is to
nurture growth and leadership in a supportive environment.

2. It would be nice to have more diversity in corporate representation.
Right now the sole outgoing chair is an inrupter (or former inrupter).  The
solid director is an Inrupter.  The WG will be chaired by an Inrupter.
Virginia, Michiel and Hadrian all inrupters or former inrupters, even
though Michiel has not been there for a while.  Hadrian seemed to be
slightly undecided, but we would be foolish to ignore someone of his
immense experience and credentials.  Perhaps the three of the remaining
four could have a conversation and come to an agreement as to which three
would be preferred, perhaps with Hadrian being given elevated
responsibility, perhaps taking control of Process and Code of Conduct,
outreach, or community management.  Perhaps a broad mandate to revamp the
CG cherry picking the best part from the Apache process.

I recognize we have existing structures, but I encourage us to be flexible
and innovative in our approach to leadership and participation. A diverse
and inclusive group is a stronger and more effective one. Let's work
together to find a balance where everyone's talents are utilized and valued.

Thank you again for your commitment and enthusiasm. Your contributions are
the foundation of our success.

> On Wednesday, November 15th, 2023 at 10:06 AM, Sarven Capadisli <
>> wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > This is an announcement about the CG chair election as per the Solid CG
> > charter [1].
> >
> > As part of the Solid CG Chair Election Procedure [2], we're currently in
> > the phase where chair nominations are being accepted until 2023-11-28.
> >
> > The charter specifies that individuals seeking election must
> > self-nominate and provide a statement about their background and reasons
> > for candidacy on the group's mailing list. More ways to engage with the
> > CG are outlined in [2].
> >
> > Chair candidates and voters might find the Self-Review Questionnaire for
> > Chair Candidates [3] beneficial. There will be a dedicated topic in a CG
> > weekly meeting for candidates if they would like to make a statement or
> > answer questions from the community
> >
> > If you have any questions or comments, please join us in chat [4] or CG
> > weekly meeting [5].
> >
> > [1]
> > [2]
> > [3]
> > [4]
> > [5]
> >
> > -Sarven
> >

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