Re: Solid CG Chair Election 2023: Chair Self-Nominations

Hello everyone.

I'm autodidact ever since 2004 and was exposed to the Solid Project when I  
met Mitzi Laszlo in 2018.

Back in the days I put together a Node Solid Server that's available at, which is a grassroots project. Melvin Carvalho, Michiel and  
me are listed in the Terms as Maintainers, but I do administer it mostly  
alone (although Timea Turdean has the ssh-credentials) and do renewals of  
the certs and Version updates. Because we discuss the Migration of to CSS (or our own fork of it) I think  
could serve as historical preserved Node Solid Server for anyone who needs  
a NSS.

I have low self esteem, I cannot share my learning expedition with folks  
and Madams in my mother tongue. Sharon Stratsianis introduced me into the  
SolidOS-Team and I stop by occasionally. I don't know much about Linked  
Data, Json-LD, but have a very basic Turtle understanding. I also provide  
two CSS instances, a 6.1.0 at and a 7.0.2 at has ~3000 accounts, ~500 and (which  
also serves as MVP for an organization to be founded in 2025) just has two  

I did an Auth-Upgrade to Jeff Zucker's .

I know how to ssh, to ftp and to docker-compose. I did an Internship at for 3 months and procuced a custom `index.html` for a CSS  
instance for them. I have admittedly large gaps in the REST-model (the  
PUTs, PATCHs, POSTs etc.) and in the examination of http-headers. `curl`  
here is the way to go. I am doing a 9to5 job but have on usual days a free  
slot from 17:00 to midnight and on weekends.

I beg you only to vote for me if you explicitly want to have a Junior  
Partner and someone who is eager to learn and willing to work on his  

I put my Linkedin into here

and herewith apply of self-nominate for Solid Community Group chair.
As last thought I want to mention a possibility Melvin mentioned and  

What if you want me to be a ?
Would someone (e.g. Michiel or elf or someone we did not even thought of  
yet) want to be a Mentor ?

I would love to do useful work for us all and add my name to

Cheers, Matthias

this document 2023-11-24

Am 15.11.2023, 10:06 Uhr, schrieb Sarven Capadisli <>:

> Hello everyone,
> This is an announcement about the CG chair election as per the Solid CG  
> charter [1].
> As part of the Solid CG Chair Election Procedure [2], we're currently in  
> the phase where chair nominations are being accepted until 2023-11-28.
> The charter specifies that individuals seeking election must  
> self-nominate and provide a statement about their background and reasons  
> for candidacy on the group's mailing list. More ways to engage with the  
> CG are outlined in [2].
> Chair candidates and voters might find the Self-Review Questionnaire for  
> Chair Candidates [3] beneficial. There will be a dedicated topic in a CG  
> weekly meeting for candidates if they would like to make a statement or  
> answer questions from the community
> If you have any questions or comments, please join us in chat [4] or CG  
> weekly meeting [5].
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> -Sarven

Matthias Evering (@ewingson)

Received on Friday, 24 November 2023 15:06:10 UTC