Re: files or database for solid pods [Was: Towards Solid Lite]

On 11/2/23 6:36 AM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
>     I do not recognize that the web of semantic data inherently *need* a
>     single mandated RDF serialization.  I recognize how ignoring
>     complexities of some aspects can simplify working with other aspects,
>     and I respect if some decide to explore a reduction of solid where RDF
>     is omitted, despite me personally viewing RDF as the center piece.
> How do you ignore complexities (part of RDF) and still conform to 
> supporting it?

RDF, an abstract data definition language for standardized 
representation of structured data using an entity relationship graph, is 
the center piece.

The problem is that RDF is generally conflated with its many notations 
and serialization formats. For instance, JSON is just another notation 
and serialization combo for representing entity relationship graphs, it 
just so happens that subject and objects of predicates are typically 
named using indefinite pronouns (blank nodes).

Long story short, JSON or JSON-LD are okay as baselines, especially if 
uptake by web developers is a key objective.


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