Re: files or database for solid pods [Was: Towards Solid Lite]

On 11/1/23 12:15 PM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> st 1. 11. 2023 v 16:56 odesílatel Kingsley Idehen 
> <> napsal:
>     On 11/1/23 6:41 AM, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
>>     The de-facto semantic web, as it exists today, is
>>     <>. Which is based on JSON-LD and HTML.  This is
>>     backwards compatible with the existing web and has had enormous
>>     success.
>     Different angle:
> is a broadly used schema/ontology used to in the
>     construction of structured data, increasingly embedded in web
>     pages, that contribute to a global semantic web.
>     I stay away from phrases like the following, due to the confusion
>     they inadvertently trigger :
>     1. The Semantic Web
>     2. The de-facto Semantic Web
> Good clarification, thanks Kingsley.
> To put some numbers on it, and while numbers are not everything, 
> according to common crawl:
> HTML on the web: 98.3908%
> Turtle on the web: 0.0013%
> Bear in mind that the HTML can be further sub divided into HTML with 
> data in it.
> As such a standard for data on the web, has better chances of broad 
> adoption, if HTML is included.

The key thing is profile documents are crucial to solid, and said 
documents should be HTML comprising structured data islands expressed in 
a preferred notation. Right now, the dominant ones are: JSON-LD, 
Microdata, and Plain Old Semantic HTML (POSH).

HTML is a big viable constant in this quest.


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