Re: files or database for solid pods [Was: Towards Solid Lite]

On Wed, Nov 1, 2023 at 10:25 AM Aron Homberg <> wrote:

> > Jonas Smedegaard <> hat am 01.11.2023 16:56 WITA
> geschrieben:
> > Classic HTTP also didn't mandate GIF, and we can be thankful for that.
> ...
> If we try to find a comparison here, let's maybe compare protocols with
> protocols, not file formats. I'll pick HTTP for simplicity.

Perhaps consider HTML as the example instead, HTTP+URL+HTML = web of
documents, if there was a requirement that any HTML document must be
abstracted out of a concrete syntax and implementers of websites
MUST/SHOULD also accept and respond with a PDF, and an RTF document, and
four other archaic low use document types, then perhaps that is a fairer

Pivot back, and we get HTTP+URL+[ONE-THING] = web of data.

What is the most widely utilized data bearing media type on the broad
internet / web? JSON
How do you make it more webby? add first class support for URLs
How do you make it widely understandable in a shared manner? add GETable

The rest falls out naturally from those requirements.

> Again, this is not "against" any other serialization formats. I believe
> that RDF/turtle etc. are important. But we already have the full-fledged
> Solid to support it?


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