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> So the overall resilience of the solid ecosystem is in general  
> increasing.

First, thank you for the much needed clarification and all efforts put in  
the switch-over by Tim, Jackson, Alain, Justin, Melvin, Eric, et al. The  
password-reset worked fine for me. The new domain is safe under the roof  
of the organization and this can' t be underestimated. As I read, the  
server, the data and the provider didn' t change. Speaking as one of the  
several mentioned other Pod-Providers I want to emphasize that I do my  
very best to maintain the part I am responsible for in the best, most  
professional manner I am able to, although my capabilities are limited I  
try to act according to the Code of Conduct and common ground, serving the  

I think it might be of interest to communicate the switch (although  
recapitalizing) in every possible way to avoid misunderstandings and  
confusion. I have good trust that every channel will be used and the  
functionality and the trust in the system will increase.

Decentralization, diversification and choice of options go hand in hand.  
So it' s good to have possibilities to choose from. I have no idea what  
happens SEO-like cause has made its way for some years. as new main Pod-Provider is welcomed and embraced  
warmly. Let's spread more hope for the Web of the future and this is not  
neccessarily or solely meant technical.

I will do my part and think in terms of 'we' instead of ego.

P.S. the subject line of the mail has a typo, it' s .net not .org

Kind regards, ewingson

Matthias Evering

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