Re: FYI: pod shutting down

Hi Melvin, 

first off, I want to thank you for running for as long
as you did. That is really appreciated! I also completely understand and
always promote the notion that personal well-being ALWAYS comes first.
All my best well-wishes to you. 

If you want, I'll happily inquire with Mo from to see if he can
offer help with hosting. (They provide hosting free of charge to too, for which I cannot praise them enough)

There is a question though that I have in the meantime: I noticed that
my pod from is now
available at . As
you said that you have shut down your server, who runs this one, and how
did they get my data? (the password from works on the
new URL) 

I am not mad nor accusing anyone here (and again, I realize that this
was and is a volunteer effort), but this does also feel a bit like a
data protection violation, as I heard from the new server only by
happenstance via a 3rd party. 

again, thanks for your past efforts, and hope things get better soon!
Christian Buggedei 

On 10.10.2020 11:27, Melvin Carvalho wrote:

> Hi All 
> After a quarter of a decade the decision was made to shut down the community pod.  There were a number of reasons for this, but the most urgent of which was due to health issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic 
> Of all the options available to me, shutting down was the least bad.  
> It was quite difficult to run as a grassroots project given that we didnt have any funding, didnt have our own servers, relied on others for source code, and so on.  
> What started as my experiment to allow users to try out node solid server, took on a life of its own.  If you consider that Google Plus with all their resources lasted about 2000 days, and we, as a pod, lasted almost 1000, that's quite amazing really.  
> I am sorry that it happened so quickly, I just felt there were limited options.  There was a lot of work behind the scenes.  Given the rapid escalation of the pandemic, something had to give. 
> While the data is kept safe and backed up, I appreciate it is disruptive to have to change a WebID that you've invested time in. I have had to do this myself and I know how painful it can be. 
> If there was some way for users to reclaim their webid or accounts, and it was easy to run.  I'd be open to doing that, perhaps after the peak of Covid-19 passes.  It would require a server tho, which we dont have at the moment. 
> I'd like to thank everyone that took part in our journey, especially our amazing admins.  All of whom worked skillfully and tirelessly for the community, sometimes for years, without ever once being paid. 
> Keep safe, and hopefully we'll see each other safe and healthy after the Covid-19 crisis has peaked 
> Best 
> Melvin

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