Re: Issue-19 questions remain - a proposal

> On 22 Apr 2015, at 02:29, Harry Halpin <> wrote:
>> What people find frustrating is that your resolution does not quite make
>> sense. A wiki is not a tool that one can use to communicate one to many.
>> It needs a notification system. And our wiki does not have that.
> If you want to 'watch' a wiki-page Henry, there's a 'Watchlist'
> functionality. You may want to do that with, for example, user stories.
> See Watchlist link in upper right hand corner.

Ok so if I go to the Social Web WG wiki page for the 28 April 2014 Meeting which
is located at

And I then go to the watchlist at the top right corner I arrive on the 
empty page

If I then click on the  "show all" link I get to

which shows me the changes for all wikis on all w3c wiki pages. I don't suppose
you suggest we should be tracking all the w3c wiki pages to find out what is happening?

Harry have you ever used the watch list in the way you are suggesting we should do in the resolution
that you have suggested I did not read, even though I quoted it in the beginning of this thread:

"RESOLVED: IRC and email and wiki are our canonical communication
channels and if there are dropped balls we handled them as needed. For
example, concern that not everybody was reading the mailing list which
is fixed by bringing up things in the wiki."[1]

How does bringing things up in the wiki help communicate with the group if they
have to track all the changes across all the wiki pages?

I hope you can see that this makes no sense.


Social Web Architect

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