Re: Issue-19 questions remain

This has taken up too much of our telecon time and I think it should
remain closed.

I think in general folks should check the wiki for updates, and if
people have major updates they should bring them up to the telecon. The
chairs have also agreed to do so, as they watch, which is them going out
of their way. There is nothing else the chairs can do.

Again, most other WG uses a mix of email, github, IRC, and a wiki
without having problems - and all of these channels have public logs.
So, it's easy to get in touch and to check what's happened.

The charter mentions that we are using "Most of the technical work of
the group will be done through discussions on one of the group's public
mailing list and a list for public comments allows posts by anyone",
however, 1) we are still discussing on the mailing list and 2) most
other WGs have the exact same boilerplate in the charter *and* are
migrating away from primarily mailing-list discussions to using github
and other technologies.

I think the underlying problem is simple: Henry believes Tantek needs to
have more discussion in order to understand his user-story(ies), and
he's frustrated that Tantek doesn't answer his email. However, it seems
that the underlying fact is not that Tantek isn't checking his mail,
it's that Tantek doesn't agree with Henry's user-stories.

That's an understandable frustration but as discussed with Wendy Seltzer
and W3C staff, there is no mechanism anywhere in W3C process that can
force someone to respond to email except (for now) the Last Call process
and Formal Objection process, which is not aimed at individuals but at
the WG as a whole. There is also no mechanism in W3C process to force
someone to agree with anyone, regardless of how many emails are sent.

So thus, I suggest that the Social IG make a devoted telecon time for
Henry's use-cases and invite Tantek (he's in IRC, so he's easy to invite
via IRC) and Ann agreed. Hopefully you and Tantek can sort it out then
and there at the IG. Otherwise, I believe this is *off topic* for the WG
at this point and the issue should remain closed.


On 04/21/2015 01:19 PM, wrote:
> I read that issue-19 was closed with the following resolution
> «  <tantek> RESOLVED: IRC and email and wiki are our canonical communication channels and if there are dropped balls we handled them as needed. For example, concern that not everybody was reading the mailing list which is fixed by bringing up things in the wiki. »
> But that is not clear enough it seems. How does one bring things up in the wiki? Does pasting the e-mail into the wiki help for example? Or should we have a wiki page listing all the e-mails, and we just add a link from there to the mail?
> I’ll assume for the moment that bringing things up in the wiki, means brining them up 
> in the teleconf wiki. So I’ll add this as an extra issue for this evening
> Henry
> Social Web Architect

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