Issue-19 questions remain

I read that issue-19 was closed with the following resolution

«  <tantek> RESOLVED: IRC and email and wiki are our canonical communication channels and if there are dropped balls we handled them as needed. For example, concern that not everybody was reading the mailing list which is fixed by bringing up things in the wiki. »

But that is not clear enough it seems. How does one bring things up in the wiki? Does pasting the e-mail into the wiki help for example? Or should we have a wiki page listing all the e-mails, and we just add a link from there to the mail?

I’ll assume for the moment that bringing things up in the wiki, means brining them up 
in the teleconf wiki. So I’ll add this as an extra issue for this evening


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Received on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 11:20:24 UTC