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On 2015-03-31 8:14 , James M Snell wrote:
> I've been giving some thought to how we can design and develop a test
> framework for the Activity Streams 2.0 format. Here are some initial
> thoughts.
> [....]
> This example case can be improved but it illustrates the point: Given
> a set of commonly understood Activity statements, producing
> implementations would be expected to produce consistent AS2.0
> serializations that consuming implementations would be capable of
> consistently handling.
> The downside is that this approach can become fairly complicated but
> there's really no other way we can do it.
> Thoughts?

i like this approach a lot, and i think it is the right way to go

but i think it should be extended to also cover test cases and their 
expected results when extensions come into play. the extension points we 
have are (probably) verbs/actions, object types, and properties (at 
least this is what we currently use in ASDL as AS1 extension points).

the interesting question is: if those extension points are used, how are 
they reported to applications using AS2 implementations? that's 
basically what's raised in ISSUE-12, ISSUE-13, and ISSUE-16 (and 
possibly others).

in the end, this circles back to the (still missing) "extension model" 
and "processing model" sections of the spec. how can i use AS2 beyond 
the base schema, and what behavior can i expect when i do this? it comes 
back to the idea of an "AS2 infoset", or whatever we might call the 
abstract model.



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