Re: Activity Streams 1.0 basic schema verbs and object types

hello mikael and evan.

On 2014-11-11, 15:38, Evan Prodromou wrote:
> This is fantastic, thanks!

thanks for your contribution! there are two dimensions in which this 
draft could/should be extended:

- covering more than just verb types, and

- covering more implementations.

for the latter, please encourage people to submit something similar to 
evan's succinct summary 
(, so 
that we can better understand which verbs are at the core of what people 
are implementing/using.

> Mikael, would you be interested in doing a similar catalog for GNU
> Social? I know that at least the RSVP cluster and a couple of other verb
> areas are supported there.

that would be great! if you're willing to do that, please either send a 
free form message like evan, or if you feel adventurous, 
is where the implementation data is supposed to live in a structured from.

thanks and cheers,


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