Re: Activity Streams 1.0 basic schema verbs and object types

This is fantastic, thanks!

Mikael, would you be interested in doing a similar catalog for GNU 
Social? I know that at least the RSVP cluster and a couple of other verb 
areas are supported there.


On 2014-11-10 05:07 AM, Erik Wilde wrote:
> hello all.
> one of the things i chatted with james about at TPAC was that it would
> be good to
> a) identify a subset of the AS1 vocabulary that's used/supported in
> existing implementations (so that AS2 has an easier way to figure out
> which ones to pick in some sort of "base vocabulary"), and
> b) specify how those AS1 verbs can be used in AS2, so that there's a
> transition path when recognizing AS1 verbs, and interpreting those in
> a way where AS2 semantics are required (and by semantics here i talk
> about semantics as a general concept).
> evan thankfully posted a list of supported verbs in, and
> described which verbs are "special" (i.e., interpreted by in
> this implementation.
> On 2014-11-03, 19:35, Evan Prodromou wrote:
>> As most people know, the AS 1.0 spec only defines one verb, "post".
>> To help with this decision, I added an action for myself to share the
>> verbs supported internally by They are:
>>   * *post *
>>   * *create* (synonym for "post")
>>   * *follow*
>>   * *stop-following*
>>   * *favorite *
>>   * *like* (synonym for "favorite")
>>   * *unfavorite *
>>   * *unlike *(synonym for "unfavorite")
>>   * *delete*
>>   * *update*
>>   * *add*
>>   * *remove*
>>   * *share*
>>   * *unshare*
>>   * *join*
>>   * *leave*
> i hope we will get more input from other implementers as well. in
> order to organize the information (and mayb publish it eventually,
> when it's stable enough), there now is the following document:
> is where the source
> lives, and since i am an XML dinosaur, the document, the AS1
> vocabulary, and the implementation data are all organized in XML
> documents, and then transformed by XSLT to produce the document.
> please feel free to comment, fork, create issues or pull requests, or
> otherwise contribute to this effort. most importantly, i'd be very
> interested to get more information about other implementations, so
> that we can better understand what is implemented and used out there.
> there currently is no section on how to use AS1 in AS2, but this
> should be added in later editions. james added some language about
> that in the latest version of the AS2 editor's draft, and we will
> figure out the best way how have all of that in one place where it
> makes most sense.
> thanks and cheers,
> dret.

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