Re: AS2.0 proposal: remove as:Link

On 11/01/2014 07:51 PM, James M Snell wrote:
> Can you provide a bit more detail as to why?
Based on our conversation in github issue:

My biggest concern relates to your comment there about:
"Yes, it's essentially a qualified relation. The difference, however, is
that in as:Link, the @id is overloaded to provide both the @id of the
node and the target of the Link."

Which I understand that you try to use same @id for two different
resources (two nodes in a graph). While at the same time I see in the
example-15 included in latest draft a single resource (single node in a
graph) simply having two types

"@type": ["", "urn:example:image"]

I also see it quite confusing to use properties describing a resource of
type for example Image (hight, width, mediaType) on as:Link and not
directly on this ex:Image. I just posted another comment on github:

To my understanding, you attempt here to combine RFC 5988 Link Relation
and Linked Data. While I do recognize and appreciate creativity you put
into it. In it current state I see it mostly adding extra complexity and
increases possibility of confusions arising. Most of all I really don't
see use case where we would need to introduce such construct. Currently
I see it as one of the features motivated by compatibility with AS1. Do
wee need it for anything else?

BTW I also just posted question about it to semantic-web

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