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2009-03-17: Minutes

[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2009-03-03

[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2009-03-10

[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2009-03-17

[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2009-03-24

[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2009-03-31

[SOAP-JMS] Last Call comment LC08

[SOAP-JMS] Last Call comment LC10

[SOAP-JMS] Minutes for 2009-03-10

ACTION-48: Look at Destination and terms in general

ACTION-62 Make a proposal to clarify the wording and scope of the (221) jndiContext Parameter property)

ACTION-64 - Clarify spec about topic replyToName

ACTION-70: rewording Content-type discussion

ACTION-72 update spec for ACTION-64 - Clarify spec about topic replyToName

ACTION-77: rewording Content-type discussion


belated regrets for today

LC06 - W3C SOAP over JMS spec review comments

Minutes: 2009-03-29


Regrets for today

Review of draft-merrick-jms-uri-05

SOAP/JMS W3C WG - Action 71 completed

Todays W3C-SOAP-JMS Minutes

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