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RE: Re:ACTION-62 Make a proposal to clarify the wording and scope of the (221) jndiContext Parameter property)

From: Peter Easton <peaston@progress.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 12:25:32 -0400
Message-ID: <3712271BEF30D74CBEA9E827CD9ABDBD02104056@MAIL03.bedford.progress.com>
To: <public-soap-jms@w3.org>
Here is a revision to the original proposal. The property
"java.naming.referral" is used for the standard JNDI property example.

[Definition: soapjms:jndiContextParameter ]

*       Provides mechanism to set additional, arbitrary JNDI environment
properties, other than jndiURL and jndiInitialContextFactory, in the
HashMap sent to the InitialContext constructor for the JNDI provider, 

*       An optional property that MAY be specified more than once.

*       Specifies a JNDI property name and value pair to be added to the
HashMap sent to the InitialContext 

*       The JNDI property's name MUST be included in the name attribute,
its value MUST be included in the value attribute. The value is added as
a java.lang.String.

*       MAY be specified in JMS URI, WSDL, or somewhere else in the


Including the JNDI property com.acme.jndi.enable.tracing for the ACME
Corporation JNDI provider

<soapjms:jndiContextParameter name="com.acme.jndi.enable.tracing "
value=true" />

Including the standard JNDI property java.naming.referral to disable
(ignore) JNDI provider referrals.

<soapjms:jndiContextParameter name=" java.naming.referral "
value="ignore" />

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