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[Bug 5543] SML URI seems overconstrained

[Bug 5980] SML The responsibility division between 4.3.1 and are not very clear.

[Bug 5998] second LC draft publication related editorial changes

[w3c sml] [agenda] 2008-09-25 SML telecon

[w3c sml] [minutes] 2008-09-04 SML Telecon

[w3c sml] [minutes] 2008-09-11 SML teleconf minutes

[w3c sml] [minutes] 2008-09-18 SML telecon

[w3c sml][agenda] 2008-09-04 SML Telecon

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[w3c sml][agenda] 2008-09-18 SML Telecon

[w3c sml][minutes] 2008-08-28 SML Teleconference

action item update needed

agenda request: action 137 and bug 6056

defining "interoperability" (was Re: SML interop test plan)

pdf version

Regrets for today

Review of SML documents

review of SML LC drafts

update SML test plan

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