[Bug 5542] How are SML URIs absolutized


--- Comment #8 from C. M. Sperberg-McQueen <cmsmcq@w3.org>  2008-07-24 17:30:43 ---
For what it's worth, I can also live with the compromise described
in comment #5 and comment #6, which I understand as being 
essentially what was proposed by John Arwe in his mail of 9 July at
(If there's an important difference, then I've missed something
and this statement of agreement is worthless.)

Like Henry in comment #7 and John in the email mentioned, 
I think it's essential to specify a behavior for
the case where both mechanisms are used, and I agree with both
of them that "xml:base wins" is the right answer.

Like Henry, I think it would be better to go ahead and 
discourage the use of smlif:baseURI beginning now, rather than
promising that we'll begin to discourage it later.  I'm not sure
how much importance I assign to it, though (that is, I don't know
whether I'll lie down in the road with Henry, or leave
him to hold the road down by himself on this one).

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