[w3c sml] Second version of proposal on 5306



On yesterday's conference call we greatly reduced the scope of the
"header information" that was originally proposed in 5306.  This
information now only addresses schema completeness and the SML-IF
version number.  Attached is a completely revised proposal dealing with
the SML-IF version number alone.


I haven't proposed anything about schema completeness because that is
already discussed in the SML-IF spec.  However, in working on this
version of the 5306 proposal I realized an issue.  John's comments on
5306 pointed out that it was decided that schemaComplete should be a
required attribute.  However, schemaComplete is discussed only in a
non-normative section (section 4).  (To be sure, there a statement
connected with schemaComplete that is "It is necessary...." but
apparently that is NOT to be interpreted as a normative necessity :-).
And it's hardly a logical necessity.)


I would recommend that if schemaComplete is to be required, it be
discussed in a normative section.  I will open a separate issue to bring
alignment between the schemaComplete decision and the discussion in the


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