RE: [Bug 5797] SML validity appeal to schema-validity is underspecified

Is the note on this accurate?

The method has two parts: (1) strict processing of an identified element
or element of a specified type.
	(2) refusal to validate a non-identified element.

Is (2) part of strict-wildcard validation?  (I thought only (1) was.
But the note would imply that both (1) and (2) are part of what is meant
by strict-wildcard validation.

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--- Comment #4 from Kumar Pandit <>  2008-08-19
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Added item 8 in the first item-list under section 8 Conformance. 

8. The processor MUST start Schema-Validity Assessment at the document
element with no stipulated declaration or definition. If the document
element and the schema determine an element declaration (by the name of
element) or a type definition (via xsi:type), then strict validation is
performed; if they do not identify any declaration or definition, then
schema-validity assessment is performed.


This method is generally known as strict-wildcard validation.

Schema-Validity Assessment =>
strict validation =>

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