Alt Text Sub-group Update (February 9th, 2021)

Hi all,

Alt Text sub-group update this week.

Here are draft Method documents for the rest of HTML images. These
documents are created by "copy and paste" of existing W3C documents
including "HTML 5.3", "WAI Tutorials" and "Understanding WCAG 2.1".

This is the first step to avoid reinventing wheels and show how existing
stuff will be migrated to "WCAG 3.0". I've just added URLs where I copied
from to each document for traceability.

Comments and questions are welcome and helpful! You'll be able to make
comments on each document.

[DRAFT] Method: Complex Images

[DRAFT] Method: Groups of Images

[DRAFT] Method: Image Maps

Methods for 7 types of HTML images:
- Text alternative for Image of text (HTML)
- Functional Images (HTML, PDF, ePub)
- Decorative images (HTML, PDF, ePub)
- Informative images (HTML)
- [NEW] Complex Images (HTML)
- [NEW] Groups of Images (HTML)
- [NEW] Image Maps (HTML)
* The 7 types are  based on WAI Tutorials.
* The first 4 types are already available at

As the next step, our sub-group will walk through "Understanding WCAG 2.x"
and "Techniques for WCAG 2.x" and check if we covered existing materials


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