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Thanks, John.

I’ll chime in from Siteimprove.  The same needs and requests abound.


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Someone has privately suggested to me that my current focus on Dashboards as part of the scoring discussion is driven by Deque's business needs. While I can freely admit that I am indeed watching out for the interests of my employer (you don't?), the need for this type of scoring ability is not being heard exclusively by Deque.

In chatting with Karl Groves ( he indicated that his company is receiving the same kind of requests/requirements from their enterprise clients. Karl has granted me permission to share this email with the group as more data and evidence of this need.


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I'm glad we got to talk today. We don't talk enough and I particularly
missed seeing you at CSUN.   Hopefully this time next year the
discussion will be about how fun it was to catch up in person.

One of the things we talked about was reporting and monitoring and
despite the fact that you work for a competitor, it is absolutely no
secret that customers *really* want the ability to report on their

In fact, Tenon's current dashboard is the result of a customer
(Microsoft) wanting such data. Shortly after Tenon went into open
beta, Jeff Petty at Microsoft reached out to us to purchase a SaaS
plan on Tenon and very specific requests around the types of data he'd
like to see in a Dashboard.   Because all of those ideas made sense,
we added them.  Specifically, the dashboard includes

  *   Summary
  *   Top Issues
  *   Worst Performing Pages
  *   Issues by Content Type
  *   Issues by WCAG SC

Tenon's Dashboard can also be filtered by Start & End date which can
be changed to get a "Snapshot" from a given period of time.

Among our Enterprise customers, there's one desire that's nearly
universal among them: wanting at-a-glance insights into how they're
doing. Frankly, I've always personally felt that the testing
capabilities of the tool is most important, but when it comes to our
largest purchasers of product, they're focused more on reporting.

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