RE: Issues Status re Conformance Challenges document

Hi Janina,

Apologies, the 'marked for Triage' aspects was just because it was added to the Github project. The "by Alastair" is just because I setup the project.

The workflow order for the status' is:

  *   Needs triage (i.e. someone looks to see if it is low priority, high priority, non-issue, or already dealt with, then move it to another status/column).
  *   Low priority (something that shouldn't affect FPWD)
  *   High priority (something that would block FPWD)
  *   Completed (dealt with).

There is a kanban-board to move things around, but the easier way is probably per-issue where there is a drop-down under the "Projects" heading to set the status.

If something is assigned to 'triage', that means it needs assigning & prioritising.



From: Sajka, Janina <>
Sent: 06 December 2019 18:33
To: Silver Task Force <>
Cc: Alastair Campbell <>;; Korn, Peter <>; Cronin, Joe <>
Subject: Issues Status re Conformance Challenges document


Herewith a summary report.

Challenges with Accessibility Guidelines Conformance and Testing
Issue Status as of Friday 6 December

Open = 10
Triage = 8
FPWD = 2

Some key Issues and their disposition/status ...

Item: Document title isn't providing context
Issue 933 Closed: Titled changed to: "Challenges with Accessibility Guidelines Conformance and Testing"

Item: Consider sampling strategies (as per WCAG-EM)
Issue 937: Marked for triage

Item: Urban metaphor is inappropriate
Issue 939 Closed: The metaphor has been removed from document text.

Item: Is this a testability or conformance challenge?
Issue 940: Marked for triage by Alastair

Item: Are there limits to the accessible template approach?
Issue 943: Marked for triage

Item: Copyrighted content under Challenge 3
Issue 944: Marked for triage by Alastair.

Item: Should guidance extend beyond websites?
Issue 945 Closed: OBE in Charter scoping.

Item: Where should text spacing be handled?
Issue 946: Marked for triage by Alastair

Item: Is Challenge 3 also about user provided content?
Issue 947 is still open because Alastair marked it for triage. Else, we could
close it.

Item: Does 1.3.5 belong in Challenge #4
Issue 954: Marked for triage by Alastair

Item: Update Acknowledgements List
Issue 955 FPWD and assigned to Janina with Michael's consent.
Will do week of 9 December.

Item: Challenge 1 should be renamed
Issue 956 Closed: Andrew's suggestion is now in the Editor's Draft. Other
topics raised in the discussion started by 956 have been moved to invidiual issues.

Item: Define "large, complex, and dynamic websites"
Issue 962 Closed: Terms glossary created in working draft branch with 3 definitions;

Item:Goals: Hard to find; need better explanation
Issue 972 Closed: Added Goals subsection to Intro; Still needs markup love for class and ID

Item: Human review isn't all bad
Issue 986 opened for FPWD and (theoretically) assigned to @peterkorn.
Marked low priority by Alastair.


Janina Sajka
Accessibility Standards Consultant<>

Received on Monday, 9 December 2019 12:04:18 UTC