Silver Minutes for 6 December

Minutes from the Silver Community Group teleconference of Friday 6 December
are provided here.

*            Recruiting discussion; Including support resource development
*            CSUN Face to Face appears probable for Monday-Tuesday.
*            Challenges doc is just about ready for FPWD survey. Please check issue
              resolutions and advise if insufficient.
*            Brief content group updates

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                                                                                                            - DRAFT -

                                                                                              Silver Community Group Teleconference

06 Dec 2019


          jeanne, janina, Lauriat, MichaelC, Chuck, KimD, PeterKorn, Kim_D


          jeanne, Shawn



     * Topics
         1. People Skills and Resources
         2. Creating an on-ramp for new participants?
         3. CSUN F2F meeting
         4. Challenges document update
         5. updates from sub-groups?
     * Summary of Action Items
     * Summary of Resolutions

   <scribe> scribe: janina

People Skills and Resources


   js: Have had several people sign up, including some new people
   ... AG Facilitators asked for recruiting email
   ... Do we want to be adding more people? Are we getting ahead of ourselves?
   ... We don't have a good way to bring people up to speed.
   ... There's not a quick start we can point people at.

   sl: Suggest specific recruiting around tests, also user needs
   ... Should reach out to aCT for tests. They've expressed interest.
   ... Suggests just adding aCT and we'll sort out individuals when we get there

   mary_jo: Can bring it up--people have not been participating recently

   sl: Whatever is smoothest. We should just not leave it all to Jeanne

   Mary_Jo: Agrees

   sl: Anyone to do user needs?

   Mary_JO: Asks for what needs?

   sl: Moving from 2.x to Silver
   ... We believe some could be combined, e.g. captions for media, but also for live stream which are essentially the same
   ... So we'd prefer ux background
   ... Asks for recommendations

   js: Also been recruiting, and think we have more but just not signed up.

   sl: Wanting 2 points of contact for each skill set -- should get us going

Creating an on-ramp for new participants?

   js: Notes the above is our "Welcome to Silver" doc


   janina: Notes that there are so, so many documents in the archive, it's hard to figure out what should be read to get up to speed

   js: Agrees there's a lot of documentary history, and not all of it is helpful anylonger

   Mary_Jo: Have been mostly looking at more recent emails
   ... My question is what is the most current stuff? What are the burning tasks that need doing?

   sl: Jeanne tends to have wiki front page most relevant on that
   ... As for skills needed, we're just getting to formulating that
   ... Still to do is better project management -- this stage done, this one in process, this one not started or assigned, etc., etc

   js: I've put in some high levels Conformance; Content -- but even that's not that helpful, sl: Notes janina offered to help with github

   Mary_Jo: Not sure how organized; or even where it is

   sl: We're open to starting from scratch because our use has been so minimal

   js: Well, there's some!


   js: github is an a11y challenge particularly for coga people
   ... So concerned about exclusively moving to github

   sl: So thinking of github for project management so far
   ... We'll respond if someone sends email and do the github update for them

   Mary_Jo: Notes there are silver subgroups?

   sl: Two main groups: Confrmance; and Content Creation
   ... == two Tuesday calls
   ... We decided on parallel tracks because progress in one helps move the other forward -- from both perspectives

   Mary_Jo: Asks about ttelecons

   sl: Tuesday Content telecon AM Boston; Conformance PM Boston
   ... Friday is omnibus Silver call
   ... Some people participate in both tracks

   js: Suggestions or edits welcome! It's a wiki!

CSUN F2F meeting

   js: Wanted to note responses so far

   <Chuck> Looks like I CAN JOIN! Just learned a few minutes ago.

   <Chuck> Jeanne: My takeaway is we have more than 10 that want to attend. majority of responses were for mon and tue.

   <Lauriat> Hurray, Chuck!

   js: More than 10 to attend so far; Majority prefer Monday and Tuesday

   mc: Need a sponsor

   sl: Working that out

   pk: Notes Amazon is booking suites and exspects we'll have a room, but don't want to finalize that until it's actually booked
   ... It is my expectation

   js: Looks like 10-12 people

   pk: That's fine.
   ... Is it 8 hours for two days?

   js: yes
   ... Request for joint from coga late Tuesday

   pk: We usually make CART provisions. Do we need that for these sessions?

   sl: Sure would help with scribing.

   janina: Suggests deaf and hard of hearing participation would be a win

   js: Asks whether Sean has contacts in that community?

   pk: Would be concerned to open for just one meeting if we didn't have a continuation plan

   js: Excellent point
   ... Also a chicken & egg problem. If we can demonstrate the need we can work with W3C to get the support

   pk: If we're not tied to Webex, there are computer driven captions builtin on Go to Meeting and Skype

   janina: Notes Zoom is th big buz for a11y

   js: Zoom supports auto caption; not sure Skype does
   ... Also notes language barrier

   sl: We have i18n participation; rapid English is a problem

   js: Thanks Peter and thanks for the question as well

Challenges document update

   <Lauriat> Issues Status re Conformance Challenges document:

   janina: Will send out chaser email asking people to identify any open issues that should be more content for FPWD

updates from sub-groups?

   js: Clear words met Thursday and did some testing refinements--we'd like your thoughts
   ... Please look at the rubric and provide feedback


   js: Remaining content is confusing and not ready yet
   ... Just rubric for now
   ... Part 2: Made list of 17 items to check
   ... Discussed how to structure; came up with three approaches
   ... Professional testers; internal style guide; ...
   ... Some orgs will have different clear words needs
   ... And a rubric for clear words
   ... This is our second pass at a rubric

   <jeanne> Substantially: A significant effort has been made and most exceptions improve clarity.

   <jeanne> Partially: An effort has been made, but there is room for substantial improvement.

   <jeanne> LImited: Inconsistent effort or no effort

   js: Should substantially meet; partly

   <Kim_D> 3rd is "limited"

   js: also noted which conditions don't meet
   ... Using active voice -- how does one count 80% active voice sentences
   ... Avoid metaphor or sarcasm

   <PeterKorn> Regrets for the remainder of the meeting - I need to leave a few minutes early.

   <Lauriat> Thanks for joining, Peter!

   kim: Asks whether the dictionary contains medical terms

   js: No, the W3C disctionary is web elated technical terms

   kim: Wonders what "partially" means? Can we quantify that better?

   js: That's what we're working on.
   ... It's also a question of how one counts

   chuck: Update on contrast ...
   ... Determined some of Andy's analysis won't be ready for any current draft
   ... So we backed off a bit to use what's already been reviewed

   js: Does Andy believe he'll be able to come up with a formula

   chuck: Yes, well vetted he says, and an actual formula

   js: Good news that it's progressing

   sl: Last minute updates, anyone?
   ... Thanks all!

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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