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[Wstnet] DEADLINE APPROACHING: ACM Web Science 2012 | Call for Workshops

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Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 12:56:56 +0000
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Please note the deadline for submissions is Friday 30 March

ACM Web Science 2012
WebSci 2012 | June 22-24 | Northwestern University | Evanston, IL USA

Call for workshop proposals


Web Science embraces the study of the Web as a vast information network of people and communities. It also includes the study of people and communities using the digital records of user activity mediated by the Web. An understanding of human behavior and social interaction can contribute to our understanding of the Web, and data obtained from the Web can contribute to our understanding of human behavior and social interaction. Accordingly, Web Science involves analysis and design of Web architecture and applications, as well as studies of the people, organizations, and policies that shape and are shaped by the Web.

To address these diverse goals, the Web Science conference is inherently interdisciplinary, integrating computer and information sciences, communication, linguistics, sociology, psychology, economics, law, political science, and other disciplines. This conference is unique in the manner in which it brings these disciplines together in creative and critical dialogue, and we invite papers from all the above disciplines, as well as those that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Following the success of WebSci’09 in Athens, WebSci’10 in Raleigh, and WebSci’11 in Koblenz, we are inviting workshop proposals that provide venues for groups to meet to generate focused discussion on specific sub-areas within Web Science and to engage in community-building activities, and discuss novel and thought-provoking ideas and works-in-progress. Workshops that are tutorial in nature are also welcome, for example workshops to introduce use of tools to study digital media. Possible topics for workshops include (but are not limited to):

     ▪  Analysis of human behavior and social interaction using data from social media, online networks and communities
     ▪  Methodological challenges of analyzing Web-based large-scale human interaction and behavior
     ▪  Network analysis of the Web
     ▪  Microlevel processes and interactions on the Web
     ▪  Collective intelligence, collaborative production, and social computing
     ▪  Structure and organization on the Web
     ▪  Web communities and online lifestyles
     ▪  Web, society, and innovation
     ▪  Intellectual property and the commons
     ▪  Governance, trust, and privacy
     ▪  Web access, literacy, and democracy
     ▪  Knowledge, education, and scholarship on and through the Web
     ▪  People-driven Web technologies, including social search, open data, and new interfaces
     ▪  Using the digital records of user activity mediated by the Web
     ▪  New research questions and thought-provoking ideas, emphasizing the intersection of design and social interaction

Submission Guidelines for Workshops
Workshops should be organized to facilitate discussion and active engagement among attendees. Topics should be within the WebScience area of interest and either  (1) thought-provoking ideas with the potential for interesting discussions at the conference, (2) works-in-progress for sharing valuable ideas, eliciting feedback on early-stage work, or fostering discussions and collaborations among colleagues, or (3) tutorial in nature. Workshops on new and emerging topics of specific relevant aspects or broader topics are particularly encouraged. Workshop proposals should detail deliverables that will be reported during the main conference. See http://www.websci12.org/?page_id=4 for all details and submission.

March 30: Workshop proposal submission
April 6: Notification to workshop proposers
April 16: Each workshop organizer sends out Call for Workshops Participation
June 21, 2012: Full and half-day workshops (morning and/or afternoon)
June 22, 2012; Half-day workshops (morning)

Prof. Joanne S. Luciano
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Noshir Contractor, Northwestern University, US
Brian Uzzi, Northwestern University, US

Michael Macy, Cornell University, US
Wolfgang Nejdl, L3S Research Center, GER

Willem Pieterson, Northwestern University, US


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