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Re: RE: RE: [hcls] A map of the Semantic Web for life science and health care

From: Pat Hayes <phayes@ihmc.us>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 16:32:23 -0500
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To: samwald@gmx.at
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>  > I was beginning to wonder about that. What
>>  exactly (or even approximately) is the purpose of
>>  making these diagrams?
>To see what ontologies/data we have.
>To see where we have real connections between them.
>To see where we do not have these connections.
>To see which fields of the very broad area of 
>'health care and life science' are being covered 
>at the moment.

None of this seems to be best conveyed by a 
vaguely metaphorical diagram drawn using 
arbitrary rules, much of which is content-free 
(what do the shapes, areas, locations and colors 
of the 'countries' mean?) Why not just SAY all 
the above, for example by listing the ontologies 
and saying what they have in common?

>  > Are they supposed to
>>  convey useful information to somebody?
>>  to who?
>To us current developers.
>To potential future developers.
>To people that want to use our Semantic Web 
>creations and don't know what we have to offer 
>at the moment.
>To people with general interest in ontologies and web technologies.

I fail to see how such a map would give useful 
information of this kind to anyone. About all I 
can get out of it is that there are some 
ontologies which are in some sense about some 
topic areas. That could be said in a few lines of 
English, or a small table.

>To people that try to criticize the Semantic Web 
>for being a mere academic vision.
>To W3C members that want to evaluate what the 
>HCLS IG has actually accomplished during its 

Again, I fail to see how the 'map' format enables any kind of evaluation.

But I won't rain on this particular parade again. 
Y'all go ahead and draw pictures.


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