Re: Ambiguous names. mapping URI's to Ontology

M. Scott Marshall wrote:
> It should be possible for people to make statements specifically about 
> the DNA, mRNA, amino acid sequence, (in organism human, mouse,..), NMR, 
> MS(mass spec), etc. that is associated with a protein in addition to 
> saying something general about the protein itself e.g. "P53 plays an 
> important role in apoptosis". Although I understand that there are ways 
> to refer to such info in Uniprot (kudos for that!), wouldn't it be 
> better to use URI's that point explicitly into an ontology than to 
> use/create a URI system that we will eventually want to (re)map to such 
> an ontology anyway?

There are databases for nucleotide sequences (EMBL/GenBank) and for mass 
spec data, if you really wanted to associate any statements with such data? 
(Note that EMBL/GenBank sequences are referenced from UniProt.)

Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 11:55:37 UTC