Re: Ambiguous names. was: Re: URL +1, LSID -1

Marijke Keet wrote:
> "...due to lack of knowledge...": and I presume it may be that 
> biologists disagree also because of insufficient knowledge about the 
> protein, and/or its (over-)simplification, that is, comparing apples and 
> oranges at a too coarse level of granularity. Moreover, that we don't 
> know enough about all (types of) proteins and that biologists argue 
> every now and then does not justify conflating the actual proteins and 
> their representations in an information system. Lack of sufficient 
> knowledge about a particular (biological) entity is a sideshow, not an 
> argument, to the issue of distinguishing real proteins from their records.

Lack of knowledge is certainly a problem, but I suspect that even if we had 
perfect knowledge, no one single definition for each protein would emerge, 
as the most suitable definition will often depend on what your job is...

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