Re: Immunity of SW statements to changes in location - data integration use case

M. Scott Marshall wrote:
> During data integration or "data reuse", we have to relate statements 
> about 'biothings' to each other in order to be sure that we can properly 
> use someone else's statements/data. In that case, it is extremely 
> convenient if we have used the same identifier to refer to the same 
> 'biothing'. We would also like our statements to remain true (based on 
> the 'biothings' and their relations at the moment the statement was 
> made, even if some aspect of the data evolves (physical storage 
> location, new results, new relations, etc.).

For integrating "biothings", should 
be perfect! The main discussion at the moment is how much of a benefit 
there is in having a PURL for a specific representation such as the web 
page for P12345, in addition to the PURL for the "biothing" P12345.

I'll also add support for identifiers with version numbers, e.g., which should resolve to, though most of our data 
is not versioned, and there is no explicit syntax for versioning, either.

Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 09:59:44 UTC