[hcls] ISMB Bioontologies SIG Poster

Here is a snapshot of the current state of the ISMB Bioontologies poster:

http://neuroscientific.net/res/ismb2007/poster-under-construction.png (1,3 MB)
http://neuroscientific.net/res/ismb2007/poster-under-construction.svg (130 kb, Inkscape source file)

Things that still need to be done:

* Add connections between RDF/OWL resources that I have overlooked so far, based on the criteria described on the wiki page: 
"Only make connections where there really are substantial connections on the RDF level, i.e. relations spanning the two ontologies. As a counter-example, several ontologies have some kind of mapping or annotation with Uniprot entries, but since Uniprot RDF and these ontologies do not use the same URIs, these are not shown as connections. If two ontologies are mapped in a separate mapping file, there should be a direct connection between both ontologies and the mapping file should not be depicted. Connections should also be omitted if the number of actual relations is minimal (e.g. only one or two). If in doubt, do not introduce a connection."

* Write short descriptive text for the Exhibit screenshot (EricN?)

* Draw a diagram for the Science Commons PURL system (Bill Bug might volunteer)

* For each of the four insets, mark the positions of the resources and connections that are displayed in the inset on the map.

* Adjust overall layout a bit

The poster will be printed on Thursday, please give constructive feedback (especially about connections between RDF/OWL resources) within the next two days. 

Matthias Samwald

Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 09:56:34 UTC