Re: URL +1, LSID -1

A half-baked idea just occurred to me... if we take SPARQL endpoint as
analogous to LSID resolver, then merging metadata from multiple
sources just means consulting several endpoints.  This requires almost
no programming, and could be hidden behind a simple API if desired.
The difficulty of finding appropriate SPARQL endpoints is neither less
nor greater than that of finding appropriate LSID resolvers.

You could even use zeroconf (aka "bonjour"; an excellent
non-Apple-specific set of protocols) for endpoint discovery, although
I've never understood why the LSID discovery feature was useful
outside of very specialized circumstances (e.g. a corporate intranet
that fully embraces LSID). Does anyone use the LSID resolver discovery

Received on Thursday, 12 July 2007 13:06:28 UTC