Re: Agenda for virtual meeting 4th March

Hi Linda,

If you want to meet in the main Meeting week, a slot just opened at 1115 EDT (1515 UTC) on Tuesday.

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> On Mar 2, 2021, at 6:17 AM, Linda van den Brink <> wrote:
> Hi Jeremy, Ted, Clara, 
> Are there any topics you’d like to discuss at the upcoming SDWIG meeting (this Thursday)?
> @Clara Boyd <> are you available to discuss the pull request Andrea prepared with his proposed update of the SDWBP related to DCAT 2.0? 
> Jeremy, Ted, anything else, maybe in relation to the charter renewal?
> I’m also happy to hear from others in the group about other topics we might discuss. It’s a bit late already (2 days in advance of the meeting) but if there’s nothing for the agenda at the moment, we might skip this one and plan a meeting at the next OGC meeting instead (week of 22 March). 
> Linda


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