Publish ssn-ext WD - was RE: Recap Toulouse face to face

I wonder if we could progress this now. 
The goal would be for to be superseded by the content currently at 
Is that something that the chairs can now give Ted the OK on? 


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Hi all, 

Probably everyone is on holiday now, but I'll just send you my thoughts. 

I don't feel the need to do a call for consensus, since we had the face to face and since then we've had some feedback via github (which has triggered some minor updates), ergo enough exposure. 

However I'm wondering about two things: 
1) the plan to publish this extension in the main ssn namespace., do you have any new input on this? 

2) (longer term) if we start treating SOSA/SSN as an evergreen standard, we need to figure out how this relates to the OGC standards process, where something like that doesn't exist (yet). 


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Hi Simon,

As it was previously a [First Public] Working Draft I requested permission to publish it as a Working Draft. Some prefer WD to Notes as having more weight as a specification although that is a matter of perception. I spoke with Philippe Le Hegaret with his Director hat on and he is inclined, awaiting email confirmation.

I viewed the support for the updates presented at the face to face as approval but Linda or Jeremy may wish to formalize with a call for consensus. That can be done simply as an email to this list with a deadline, typically five business days as I recall, to voice objection.

On Sun, 2019-12-08 at 22:00 +0000, Cox, Simon (L&W, Clayton) wrote:
> Draft of SSN-EXT is here: 

> I would like this to be issued ASAP as a new PWD, replacing 
> which was published a year ago 
> now.
> How do we initiate a vote to allow this? 
> IMO it is pretty close to done now, so after responding to comments in 
> response to PWD, I would then like to look towards this being issued 
> by this IG as a W3C Note / OGC Discussion Paper.
> Simon
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> Minutes are online, corrections welcome. In particular need link for 
> Rob's slides and and issue he mentioned on github and a project Esa 
> mentioned, look for @@ for context.

> On Fri, 2019-12-06 at 10:09 +0000, Linda van den Brink wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >  
> > Here’s a short recap of the face to face meeting we had in Toulouse 
> > at the OGC TC.
> >  
> > SSN extension
> > Simon Cox presented the latest Editor’s draft of the SSN Extensions 
> > document [1]. The idea is to publish a new WD of this document 
> > (which is intended to be a W3C Note / OGC Discussion paper). He has 
> > asked the group for review [2] Ted Guild will help navigate this 
> > through the process once the group agrees to publish this as a new 
> > WD. The new ‘evergreen’ standards process of W3C may be applicable.
> >  
> > WebVMT
> > Rob Smith gave an update on the WebVMT work. It’s still in 
> > incubation phase, partly within the Web Platform Incubator Community 
> > Group.
> > Contact with browser developers has been initiated, revealing that 
> > there has been previous work on video geotagging but at the time no 
> > consensus was reached. There seems to be some interest in doing this 
> > now.
> >  
> > MapML
> > The community around MapML is slowly developing; Peter Rushforth did 
> > some community building at TPAC this year and talked to browser 
> > developers from Agalia, Beaucoup, Firefox, Chrome. There is also a 
> > draft use cases & requirements document [3]. On the OGC side MapML 
> > is being worked on in testbed 15. Peter and Ted will look into 
> > organizing a W3C workshop on maps in HTML.
> >  
> > Discussion on charter
> > The general feeling about the proposed charter is positive; those 
> > present agreed we should move this charter forward. There were some 
> > pointers to improve the text. The chairs will transfer the charter 
> > text to the right template and further improve the text. When 
> > rechartering we may want to think about promoting the group some, in 
> > order to remind the W3C and OGC membership what we’re doing.
> >  
> > Linked building data
> > Mathias Bonduel and others from the Linked building data community 
> > group joined to present their work. They are working on ontologies 
> > for linked building data, collecting use cases, requirements, 
> > developing best practices and ontologies, in the future planning to 
> > evolve to a W3C WG. They are contacting the SDWIG to see if OGC can 
> > help with their use cases related to geometry and topology. This 
> > turns out to be related to the OWL Space / GeoSPARQL 2.0 work, 
> > currently discussed in the OGC Geosemantics working group, which 
> > they were invited to join.
> > Another potentially interesting OGC standard is IndoorGML which 
> > describes topology of buildings.
> >  
> > SDW Finland
> > Esa Tiainen presented remotely [4] on low hanging fruit and how to 
> > move forward with spatial data on the web.
> >  
> > OGC technology trends
> > George Percivall presented the tech trends [5] OGC has their eye on 
> > and asks the group if there are more trends to record within the 
> > spatial web data trend group.
> >  
> > [1]:

> > [2]: 
> >

> > [3]: 
> >

> > [4]: 
> >

> > sa-tiainen.pdf
> > [5]: 
> >

> > s-for-SDWIG.pdf
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